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London Literary Agent Book Fair displayed
by Bookside Press, March 2024

Soul to Soul Connection and Communication – the face of Maple Staple book store 2024!

If you’d like to read the 3 page interview with me about Soul to Soul Connection and Communication beginning on page 12, here is the link.



Soul to Soul on the big screen in Time Square

Soul to Soul in Time Square

From my close friend and colleague, 5 star reviewer, Linda Reid

Why did I love this book?

Octogenarian philanthropist Ruth Lindeck Forman shares inspiring vignettes, critical questions, and helpful wisdom that has flourished from her lifelong journey as a wife, mother, grandmother, and communication specialist in the US, the Caribbean, and around the world.

Forman eloquently lays out pathways for readers to promote their self-insight and confidence, to utilize inspiring new models for advancing local and international rapport, friendship, hope, and harmony, and to improve cross-cultural understanding by embracing kinship and spiritual affection among members of our diverse human community worldwide.

Forman’s journal is a treasure trove of experience, optimism, compassion, comfort, and a practical guide to a more inspiring and emotionally rewarding life blessed with vibrant human connection and heart. Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication is an outstanding guidebook for enriching our lives. Highly recommended!


Soul to Soul Connection and Communication nominated for annual FOREWORD INDIES Book Award

Hi Ruth,

Every year we make an assessment to a minimum of 1,200 book titles. Out of all these books, only 10% to 15% will pass the assessment. Out of thousands of entries per year, Ruth Lindeck Forman’s book Soul to Soul Connection and Communication was chosen by Bookside Press to be nominated in the annual FOREWORD INDIES Book Award. Soul to Soul Connection and Communication has a relevant message that speaks to the reader that is the book’s takeaway value. When your book was first endorsed to us, my manager even said, “The most interesting story is always the story of the writer’s style.”

Soul to Soul Connection and Communication’s recognition will bring forth credibility to both the author and the company. This award would educate your readers on the importance of your content and the history of the book. Also, noted is to attract more readers in the future. People knowing you are a skilled writer and to be recognized for your work will encourage readers’ loyalty and recommendations.The FOREWORD INDIES Book Award will definitely set you apart from the crowd. As a nonfiction finalist and winner you can count on being seen by the librarians, booksellers, industry professionals, and book lovers that read Foreword Reviews in print and our weekly email, Foreword This Week. They will also be promoted on our social media channels and have the chance to be placed on the award winners shelves at the many international events attended by the Foreword Independent Press Collective. Press releases linking finalists and winners will be sent to A Foreword Reviews 10,000+ list of media and industry professionals.


Aira Summers, Senior Endorsement Officer
Bookside Press

Writer’s Digest Semi-finalist

January 2024

You have reached the final stage of the prestigious Writer’s Digest Award as a Semi-finalist with an Honorable mention! Congratulations on this remarkable achievement!

Book Submission to Eric Hoffer Award

In 2023, Bookside Press submitted Soul to Soul Connection and Communication to the prestigious Eric Hoffer Award, and they accepted the book. When I realized there were far too many mistakes, I requested that they withdraw my book until I revised it. With the aid of the Grammarly Program, my assistant and I analyzed 57,000 words. The Eric Hoffer Award kindly offered to review the revised copyrighted version if it was submitted by February 15, 2024, which I did.

Ruth is closely related to three generations of authors, swimmers, and healthcare providers.

One of every 20 American students receives their Bachelor’s Degree from a California State University (CSU) system. “A CSU leader notes that Ruth Forman is an ally and influencer who promotes more equitable and inclusive higher education environments.”

Selected one of top 12 winners — 2023 Crystal Shining Star

April 23, 2023

Dear Ms. Ruth Lindeck Forman,

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that you have been selected as one of the top 12 winners of the 2023 Crystal Shining Star! Your outstanding work and dedication to the book “Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication” have truly impressed our panel of judges. We would like to formally recognize your outstanding work and invite you to attend the award ceremony, which will be held on August 20 this year at Atlanta, Georgia. We believe that your presence will not only add to the celebration of your success but also inspire the next generation of Authors. You will have the opportunity to meet with some of the most talented and successful individuals in the field, and we hope that this experience will be a memorable one for you. We will provide more details about the event to your Stonehenge Literary and Media consultant.

Once again, congratulations on your well-deserved recognition, and we look forward to celebrating your success with you.


Royal Shining Star Red Carpet Awards Gala