Photos Reflecting Selective
Narratives in the Book

Burst of sun rays.

Cloud reaching beyond.

Sunrise, crescent moon, and Saturn.

Rainbow at Nevis Peak.

Burst of light from heaven sunset.

Most spiritual sunset walking through the rain forest.

Returning home by ferry to historical bayfront capital of Charlestown, Nevis.

Jews' Burial Ground that Lee and I saw in 1991.

Jewish child's tombstone inscribed in Portuguese with stones from visitors to remember the departed.

Plaque in Nevis honoring Alexander Hamilton.

Learn Today Earn Tomorrow.

Mascarade dancers in Nevis celebrating culture at the beach.

Egrets waiting to kiss.

Paradise Beach to ourselves.

Nevis Peak in rain from back veranda.

Great blue heron in Paradise Village.

Happy on my stretch band.

Going to pick fruit in the orchard.

Gecko gets comfy.

Pansies in springtime.

Planets we saw in Nevis.
This photo was not taken by Ruth Forman.

Colorful sunset.

Sunset and yachts.

Sunset reflection and ferry.

Full moon.

Pelicans at sunset.

Approaching Robben Island by ferry.

Gripping Nelson Mandela's cell on hallowed ground.

The Jewish Cemetery sign in 2018.

Tombstone inscribed in Hebrew and English.

Perritata on Soursop tree calling to me.

Egrets kissing in Bath Village.

Hummingbird feeding.

Bananakeet enjoying rainwater in the gutter.

Baby doves in rafters above veranda.

Bougainvalia reaching for light.

Gecko suns itself.

Gecko brightens as it senses me.

Mums in vase from Margaret Hughes.

Photos taken by Ruth Forman

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