Topics One

Communication is Connection Communication is Connection shows you that the difference between talk and communication is a connection. In that connection, there is trust. In trust, learning takes place, problems are solved and needs are met. Unl ess there is a connection between you and the other person, communication doesn't happen; neither person really listens, understands nor feels what the other says and nothing gets resolved. Communication is the connection that bonds us to each other. It is the essence of humanness. Communication is a vital manifestation of you; it isn't something separate from you. It is a reflection of your feelings, thoughts and ideas at the moment. A simple insight that is presented kindles the way for you to find a commonality with others so you can connect and communicate with them.

Communication Is Connection
Source-Connection "Source-connection" is the connection with your soul--your source--from which you tap the spring from which your purest energy flows. This is the energy that nurtures you and enables you to be you. The spiritual ener gy that you feel from your source-connection is the most positive, powerful, inspiring force flowing forth from your depth. It bathes you in comfort, goodness and strength. For those who believe in God, a spiritual deity, a divine energy or a pos itive force beyond yourself, your soul is the place where that sacredness connects with you and you connect with it. In that holy space--your source-connection-- you are connected with every person and living thing in the universe and every person and living thing is connected with you. In that connection, you are never alone.

Your source-connection charges your spiritual energy. When you are source-connected, you feel whole. What you perceive and what you say reflect you at your best! You trust your instincts and make decisions about your life th at reflect your own personal journey not what you perceive someone else thinks you should do or thinks you should be. Your decisions acknowledge your weaknesses but are based on your strengths. You are in control! You convey with calmness, kindn ess, clarity, passion, honesty and sincerity what you know you can and cannot do, and you communicate with the comfort, courage, conviction and confidence that you feel. The criticism you give is constructive, never cruel.
Your Hand-dome "Hand-dome" is an insightful tool that illustrates the uniqueness of each human being. Your "hand-dome," your thumb and four fingers, represents how you and others feel, think, act and talk as you do. Your thum b represents your uniqueness--who you are--your first finger represents your emotions at the moment, your second finger represents your past experiences, your third finger represents the values and communication style of your primary family and your fourt h finger represents the values and communication style of the native culture, region and neighborhood in which you grew up. In different ways at different times, these five factors influence how you perceive and respond to life.