Soul to Soul Connection and Communication is a compelling and uplifting piece for now and the ages. The hand-dome offers profound insights to not only understand how we each respond to life, but it is especially beneficial to understanding and appreciating individuals from diverse backgrounds.
This book is a comprehensive and enlightening resource for academic leaders and educators who value diversity and inclusive approaches to connecting with and engaging learners. It is written in such eloquent and powerful prose. Thank you for sharing your voice and wisdom with the world. Sylvia A. Alva, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

“Namaste” is an ancient Sanskrit salutation that means “the divine in me greets the divine in you.” Ruth describes this state of encounter from the consciousness of our Divine nature as “source-connection” with self and others. This connection affects our everyday transactions and conscious behavior, affecting more peace, joy, and love. Equally important, she shows how to enter into this source-connected state through simple, easy, conscious practices. This creates a platform for authentic, genuine connections. Elizabeth Wu
Founder and Director of an
International Arts Organization

Ruth Forman’s book is right on in highlighting the issues the United States continues to grapple with: prejudice, racism, and injustice toward people from minority cultures. Her book stuns, awakens, and offers uplifting insights and tools that can help us to work together to resolve the issues at hand and promote justice for all. Eugene Crayton
Retired Police Officer
Los Angeles Police Department

This wonderful book encapsulates almost everything one needs to focus more on how to listen compassionately, connect positively, and communicate effectively with others . . . and understand other cultures’ verbal and nonverbal styles. The insights of the hand-dome are especially beneficial.
I look to the book as a life’s guide to make me a better person, woman, wife, and mother every day. Tamar Aba

Soul to Soul Connection and Communication is inspirational and motivational as it provides exceptional insight to issues, such as personal development and racism, all affecting society in the modern age. The recollection of the author’s personal experiences as well as detailed historic events elevate the relationship of the narrative writing to the reader. I feel spiritually enlightened with a newer perspective of connecting our current events to the importance of our actions and words. This book is a must-read for anyone who is looking to implement personal and spiritual growth, and contribute to positive change in both their social and private life. Love, growth, communication, and positive change is key in creating a united and strong community of self-aware individuals! Yasmine Sidhu
Student of Religious Studies,
B.A. Business Management, B.S.

This brilliant piece of work by Ruth Forman, once understood and applied, will aid in creating a harmonious work environment that would produce not only excellent work, but also content people and by extension uplift our society. Desery Ottley
Human Resources Manager
Four Seasons Resort, Nevis

This book illustrates how powerful simple values and manners can enrich the mind, body, and soul. Delison X-man Roper
Radio Broadcaster, Business Communication,
and Musician

Your kind words of affirmation have fueled my passion for fiercely supporting transgender individuals. You are, and continue to be, a truly inspirational storyteller. Joseph Cayanan, M.S.
Speech and Language Pathologist