"C'mon, hang with me, mon!"
(Taken on our front verandah.)

Greetings from Paradise
Table of Contents


December 15, 1998 "Settling In Among the Stars and Our First Holidays in Nevis"

January 1, 1999 "New Year's Eve Rocks Till Dawn Nevisian Style"

January 10, 1999 "Ground-breaking"

January 31, 1999 "We Have Begun"

February 1, 1999 to Move-in Day, November 10, 1999 "Interruption and Interim"

November 10, 1999 "Moving in with the Granny Nippers"

Mid-November, 1999 "Crash Course 101 in Hurricane as Lenny Arrives"

Late November, 1999 "Thanksgiving Among Friends and Boxes"

Early December 1999 "Happy Chanukah to Our Friends at B'nai Horim and Everywhere"

Late December, 1999 "Celebrating Holidays and Counting More Blessings"

First Day of New Millennium "Sharing Millennium Wishes and Dreams"

February, 2000 "Learning the Ropes"

March, 2000 "You Have Company"

April, 2000 "Lots of Sharing"

Late April, 2000 "God Blessed My Seed"

May, 2000 "Red Skies at Night"

June, 2000 "You Bawled"

July, 2000 "But That Is The Body That God Gave You"

November, 2000 "Home Again Among the Stars"

December, 2000 "Happy Holidays to All and Celebrating My 60th Birthday With Loved Ones"

January, 2001 "Nana, What's a Mortgage?"

February, 2001 "Touched by Humanity"

March, 2001 "When You Can't Sleep, Try 'Jolly Juice' or 'Beetle Juice' (Better Knows As Betelgeuse) or Any Juice That Turns You On"

April, 2001 "You Are Never Alone"

May, 2001  "Pictures For Your Enjoyment"

July 20, 2002 "Only Believe" 

July 30, 2002 "Ten Valuable Life Lessons That I Have Learned Living in Nevis"

August 3, 2002  "What's a Typical Day, Aunt Ruthie?"

July, 2003 Revised February, 2007 “God Had a Plan All the Time”

April, 2008 “Yes,You Can Go Home”

January 20, 2009, “Celebration Time!  Barack Hussein Obama Becomes the 44th President of
the United States of America”

January to March, 2009, “Happy Early Spring”                     

May, 2009, “An Amazing-Yet Bittersweet Season”

January 2010, “Yikes, Another Decade!  Wishing You and the Universe Well”

May 2011 to September 21,2012 "Gifts of the Universe Part I"

May 2011 to September 21,2012 "Gifts of the Universe Part II"

June 2012 to November 6, 2012 “Sweet Freedom for President Barack Hussein Obama”

All photos are taken by me, Ruth Forman, from our home, Nevisian Paradise, unless otherwise noted.

Photos for Boat Lovers-Coming soon.

Photos for Flower Lovers-Coming soon.

Photos for Bird Lovers-Coming soon.