10 Steps to Successful Personal and Multicultural Communication
for the Medical Professional

Ruth Lindeck Forman, M.A., Director/Owner
Communication Enhancement
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Seminar for Medical Professionals


Communication impacts on every aspect of your life. Communication is not something separate from you, but an extension of who you are. Often the difference between success and failure is how you communicate. You must accurately convey the meaning as well as the intention of your message to avoid costly errors and misunderstandings. You may inadvertently be intimidating the very patients and their families' whom you may want to convey care.

Communication includes nonverbal communication, voice tone and verbal communication. Many medical professionals, including those who come from other cultural backgrounds, often find these verbal and non-verbal skills unfamiliar or difficult.

Without positive, effective and appropriate communication, concern for your patients and their families may not be conveyed and problems with your colleagues and staff will not be resolved. Even with all the high-tech tools, your most important tool is still your ability to communicate effectively.


The difference between talk and communication is talk is talk; communication is connection. When you create your own "positive communication environment," you communicate your best! People trust you. Patients feel safe asking you necessary questions so they can make informed decisions. Staff and colleagues readily come to you when there is a problem or they have a question.

Communication is more than just talking presents a completely new way to understand and use communication. It gives you the tools to create your own "positive communication environment" so that your personal needs and professional goals will be met. You will find greater success and fulfillment in all aspects of your life. You will improve the quality of service that you provide and reduce your malpractice risks!

Communication is more than just talking is an enlightening and compelling seminar for the medical professional. It is usually a one-day presentation combining communication, diversity and spirituality, and uses a step-by-step, in-depth and practical and innovative approach. Through lecture, discussion, visual aids, role-play and video tape, the Seminar teaches you how to:


"Several years ago, some of our physicians requested that we find a program to improve their communication skills and enhance their patient physician relationship. We were fortunate to locate your program. Our physicians have been pleased with the results and have recommended others to participate. . . . . .Please keep up the good work."
Stephen J. Wierzbinski, Jr., M.D.
Area Associate Medical Director
Kaiser Permanente

"As an American-born and California-educated physician with communication problems, I had been looking for new ways to improve interacting with patients, nurses and colleagues.  I learned not only 'how', but also 'what' to communicate.  By being able to recognize and control negativism, be 'source-connected' and listen more effectively, I now have more confidence...  My patients are smiling and my colleagues are visting me more often. I recommend this seminar to all professionals who need to improve their communication styles in order to succeed in their respective careers."

Happy J. Campbell, MD

"Thank you for your excellent presentation on 'Multicultural Communication for the Medical Professional'. Your discussion of this interesting subject was extremely interesting, timely and instructive... The physicians gained a lot of insight into the subject,which will benefit their patients."

Heni Alvarez Sloan
Director of Medical Education

"What I learned not only heightened my communication awareness at work, but extended my perception beyond the work place.  The learning will be an on-going process in everyday life situations."

Rollu Natt, MD

"The seminar was excellent in helping me deal with my patients, colleagues and neighbors!"

Nguyen Trung, MD
Plastic Surgeon

"Your presentation has opened my eyes to the realization that communication isn't trial and error, but an organized multifaceted activity and skill that can be acquired."

W. Gebreselassie, M.D.
Internal Medicine, Nephrology

"This Seminar has especially increased my understanding and awareness of the American ways. It has been very helpful both for my professional and personal growth and has been an invaluable learning experience."
Ramon Medina-Cue, M.D.

"......It far exceeded my expectations."
Andrew L. Dea, M.D.
Family Practice

"Your presentation gave me outstanding insights into communicating with colleagues and patients having a non- English background."
Robert J. Mehler, M.D.

"I tried the skills that I learned and they worked!!"
Cathy Lampela, LVN
Staff Developer

"Your seminar benefitted us tremendously. You opened our eyes to multicultural communication and gave us the skills to communicate more effectively and positively with our patients, staff and colleagues. I highly recommend it."
Lani Quevedo, M.D.
Philippine Medical Society of Southern California

Personal and Multicultural
Communication Skills
for the Medical Professional

Registration 8:30-9:00
Seminar Agenda 9:00am - 5:00pm

In presenting Communication is more than just talking . . . Ms. Forman brings a refreshing, warm, honest, open and non-judgmental approach. She creates an environment where medical professionals feel comfortable discussing personal, professional and multicultural communication issues and know that they will get a personalized and appropriate response. The Seminar is given with respect and sensitivity for each individual.

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