10 Steps to Successful Personal and Multicultural Communication
for the Business Professional

Ruth Lindeck Forman, M.A., Director/Owner
Communication Enhancement
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Seminar for Business Professionals


Communication impacts on every aspect of your life. Communication is not something separate from you, but an extension of who you are. Often the difference between success and failure is how you communicate. How your are perceived, is how you are received. You must accurately convey the meaning as well as the intention of your message to avoid costly errors and misunderstandings. You may inadvertently be turning-off your clients and colleagues to whom you want to convey your care and expertise.

Communication includes nonverbal communication, voice tone and verbal communication. What is appropriate in one culture may be totally the opposite in another. Many professionals, including those who come from other cultural backgrounds, often find these non-verbal, verbal and voice tone skills unfamiliar or difficult.

Without positive, effective and appropriate communication, your expertise, confidence or concern will not be conveyed.


The difference between talk and communication is talk is talk; communication is connection. When you create your own "positive communication environment," you communicate your best! People trust you. Clients, colleagues, staff and family feel safe communicating their concerns, feelings or needs with you. They readily come to you so problems can be resolved quickly.

Communication is more than just talking. . . presents a completely new way to understand and use communication. It gives you the tools to create your own "positive communication environment" so that your personal needs and professional goals will be met. You will find greater success and fulfillment in all aspects of your life and improve the quality of service that you provide!

Communication is more than just talking. . . is an enlightening and compelling seminar for the business professional. It is usually a one-day presentation combining communication, spirituality and diversity, and uses a step-by-step, in-depth, practical and innovative approach to communication. Through lecture, discussion, visual aids and role- play, the Seminar teaches you how to:


"We are grateful for your outstanding presentation to our clients, which reflects well upon us. Your seminar left them with lasting impressions, which does not happen very often."
Thomas D. Leaper, CPA
Kellogg & Andelson Accountancy Corporation

"As a result of your presentation, our members have a better understanding of appropriate professional voice for communicating effectively with colleagues and clients as well as the verbal and non-verbal communication style of American-born and Foreign-born professionals.  Thank you for an excellent presentation."
Hannah Booth, CPA
American Society of Women Accountants

"I will always be grateful to you as you are one of the few people who made an ever-lasting positive impact in my life. You impart a positive approach to life, zeal for continuous self-advancement and the essentialness of spiritualism in one's life. Your acceptance of people of all ethnicity and your sincerity and generosity in sharing your knowledge are elements that make your work so successful."
Alice Y. Wong
Portfolio Strategist

"I learned more about interracial communication and how to use my anger in a positive way. I learned how to criticize without hurting other people's feelings... The impact that you had in my life has been so great that you will always be in my heart."
Eddy Chicas
Insurance Payroll Technician

"I gained an understanding of the communication style of people from other cultures which I might have misinterpreted before.  I also learned how people process information differently and how to listen better.  These are very effective skills in helping me deal with issues as they come up in my personal and professional life."
Tamar Aba

"The communication skills I acquired are of incredible value in my professional and personal relationships. The course also taught me how to effectively communicate with people in my business community of diverse backgrounds."
Ralph Mannheimer, President

"You were particularly helpful in pinpointing areas where I needed improvement and then personalizing the tools and techniques to provide the means to self-improvement."
Geoffrey McCarron

"Your techniques taught me to use a positive voice tone and be a proactive speaker. It has helped my interaction with everyone and benefited every aspect of my life."
Carolyn Berger
Production Assistant

"Throughout my career I listed communication as one of my strengths. After your seminar, I concluded that I knew very little about true communication...I recently met a new client who had some social views abhorrent to me. Instead of focusing on the differences, I looked for the commonality you described. I have you and the seminar to thank for a new client and a new way of communication. You are performing a much needed service that could surely lead to a more peaceful and productive society."
Regina Stuart, Owner
Stuart Consulting

Personal and Multicultural
Communication Skills
for the Business Professional

Registration 8:30-9:00
Seminar Agenda 9:00am - 5:00pm

In presenting Communication is more than just talking . . . Ms. Forman brings a refreshing, warm, honest, open and non-judgmental approach. She creates an environment where individuals from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds feel comfortable discussing personal, professional and multicultural communication issues. They know that they will get a personalized and appropriate response. The Seminar is given with respect and sensitivity for each individual.

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