This book has the most honest, down-to-earth information on communication that I have read. It transcends all barriers and encouraged me to walk the talk. This book is a must for everyone! Gail Henderson-Peter, R.N.
Director, Medical Group Training
Leading Health Maintenance Organization

This enlightening book is an outstanding training and teaching guide and resource. As a mentor teacher for the Los Angeles County Office of Education, I use this book for role playing and group work activities with teachers, principals and administrators. They have responded with such enthusiasm that they are adopting it in their language arts, effective education and multicultural curriculums. It is also a useful tool for conflict resolution especially for at-risk and gang prevention/intervention strategies. Cedric Anderson
California Teacher of the Year 1996

Medical education has many deficiencies. This book is an excellent remedy for one of them, our inability to communicate and educate ourselves and our patients. Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
Author Love, Medicine & Miracles

Like the wave’s return to the ocean, Ruth Forman’s Communication Is Connection shows us that authentic communication takes place when there is connection to one’s source and when there is no division between one’s thoughts, one’s words and one’s actions. This is an excellent book. Rabbi Stan Levy
B’nai Horin - Children of Freedom

...As a medical center Chief of Audiology and Speech Pathology Service for 26 years, I am keenly aware of the influence that a positive communication environment has on both personal and professional success. All of us, regardless of our cultural backgrounds, can benefit from guidance in enhancing our interactions with others. That is why I find your book so compelling and helpful. Your book is technically accurate, spiritually uplifting and very readable. Successful communication always springs from your own source.—.your soul. To the extent the individual can enhance and maintain their “source-connection,” life on this planet will become more worthwhile and fulfilling. Communication is the essence of humanness and some thoughtful contemplation on how to make it better is welcome. Thank you for a fine book. Wayne R. Hanson, Ph.D.
Chief of Audiology and Speech Pathology Services
Department of Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center

As Resort Manager for the Five Diamond Four Seasons Resort Nevis, West Indies, I often referenced Ruth’s book for its cross-cultural content. In fact, I found it to be so helpful, it is now used by many of the local managers and expatriate managers as they strive to improve their cross-cultural skills. Mark Tamis
Executive Assistant Manager
Four Seasons Hotel Newport Beach

The message in your book is important, timely and powerful. Your insights and reflections about why communication can be ineffective are direct and eye-opening. You capably translate the complex mechanics of communication into a language and skill form that anyone who is seriously interested in positive communication can learn and apply in their daily interactions . . . . The inclusion of a spiritual level in this process, spiritual in the most positive and inclusive sense, is evidence that you speak not just from the mind, but from the heart as well, and therein lies the key to the work-balance.
History has shown us time and again that conflict, unresolved, often ends in violence, which is no resolution. Your book provides a powerful tool toward rectifying the breakdown of communication , and I hardily recommend this book to those in search of solutions on a personal and global level. Michelle Kendall
Community Relations Manager
National Book Store

If I possessed one book, Communication Is Connection would be my choice as a guide for an enriched existence. Kevin James
Artist - Music Teacher

This book is chock full of nuggets which are food for our minds and souls. It is a book that I go back to often to recharge my batteries when they need recharging, and it helps me connect myself and my students to the “CREATIVE MAGIC” within each and every one of us. The text has been carefully crafted and purposefully designed for the multicultural reader. It is truly on the “CUTTING EDGE” for human-kind's march into and for the new millennium. Richard F. McCormick
Special Education Teacher

Communication Is Connection is an insightful digest of principles and information necessary to people who desire to excel at communicating. I find it fascinating that my formal legal education . . . never focused on your important concepts. Thus I found your material quite relevant for the legal profession. James R. Hickey
Attorney at Law

In this changing environment with new partnerships being formed, personal, traditional communication methods are challenged. Transformations in communication style become necessary to being an effective leader. This book helps me critically analyze my traditional methods and develop a strategy for change to improve communication. Susan Acquisto, M.S., R.N..
Partner, Professional Health Services

Your book helps me rediscover myself and provides me with valuable tools to be a more effective communicator. David Cohan, MBA
Senior Reimbursement Consultant