May, 2001
Nevisian Paradise
Garrick's Pasture
Nevis, West Indies

Greetings from Paradise
"Pictures For Your Enjoyment"


Lee with the first crop of                                         Ruth and the last golden
bananas.                                                                     apple of the season
                                                                                (Tamar's favorite fruit).


The banana walk in orchard, 2001.

One of my favorite flower shots in the zinnea patch
by our ghaut in the orchard.

Zoot and Lee after a run to Paradise                 Lee and Orville at Sunshine's
Beach with the full moon behind them.               on a typical Sunday afternoon.

Children in our village spring, 2000 on                        Children in our village on front steps,
our back verandah.  Left to right: Infantari,                  fall, 2000.  Front to back: Aljay, Jahrese,
Deanza, Junior's sister, Aljay.                                      Infantari, Quincy (hiding), Jahmari,
Second row: Spencer, Junior and                                Iziah and Janella (hiding).

Veronica, Kenneth and                            Veronica and Kenneth fooling around
Quincy - and they are usually                    on a hike with us.