January 31, 1999
Tamarind Tor
Jones Bay
Nevis, West Indies

Greetings from Paradise
"We Have Begun"

Dear Friends and Family,

After a few delays due to pouring rain and pock-filled roads which proved too great a challenge for the big cement mixer, actual building of our home began. With a crystal blue sky filled with flowing huge white puffy clouds as backdrop, sand was hand-mixed, hauled in a wheelbarrow and poured as the foundation took its first form. Each step is carefully planned as there is little room for mistakes. Mt. Nevis firmly entrenched for eons sits poised from behind always looking down upon and protecting our land while sending clouds, breezes, gales, rain, dew or mist. It is an exciting new adventure as I singularly deal with mostly male managers at the local building supply warehouse, our builder, Meredith, and his young, pleasant, skillful crew in a new culture in which I learn daily yet feel spiritually so connected. I pinch myself daily-sometime hourly--to see if this is really happening or if this is a dream from which I will soon arouse.

I take advantage of the beach and swim for at least a half an hour by myself venturing way out with the solitude of the aqua-blue sea buoying my body and the majestic verdant Mt. Nevis framed in the inverted "v" of my raised arm as I swim the America crawl stroke always feeling the blessings and asking God's protection coming down from the mountain. When I tire, I roll over on my back as the pelicans soar above me, sometimes gliding within what seems utter reach overhead. As I lie on my back, buoyed by the calm, aqua-clear water, I see beyond my toes St. Kitts and other islands rising like green jewels from the horizon of the sea. The clouds are almost constantly flowing in emerging, differing direction, shapes and color. I thank God over and over for this dream with which Lee and I have been blessed and look forward to the months ahead and watching our Nevisian Paradise evolve. Blessings to you all from across the blue-green waters.

           Construction with Mt. Nevis looking down.                                          Building the foundation, looking up to Mt. Nevis.

 Love and later,