June, 2012 to November 6, 2012
Woodland Hills, California USA

Greetings from Paradise
“Sweet Freedom for President Barack Hussein Obama”

Hello Everyone,

Shortly after President Obama was elected in 2008, I bought a beautiful sweet scented ivory-white rose bush named “Sweet Freedom,” which I dedicated to Barack Obama’s safety, health, well-being and his family’s as well and planted it in the front row of our California rose garden which is home to 28 other rose bushes dedicated to our immediate family members, a few dear friends and Nevis. Up until this year, Sweet Freedom has been a slow-growing but dedicated bloomer. When we returned to Woodland Hills in early June after our six month absence, I noticed the rose bush had one new strong shoot, twice the diameter, twice as tall and a healthier green than the rest of the bush. I immediately felt the President was going to win big time and as of yesterday realized with a mandate! This election Lee and I have more than doubled our efforts joining millions of others to help ensure his victory.

In a conversation with someone political whom I deeply admire, I mentioned Barack Obama’s rosebush, Sweet Freedom, and the person requested a picture of the rose bush. Before I took the photos, I decided to make sure the new shoot wasn’t a sucker–a large green shoot that grows but doesn’t bear flowers. So I waited and lo-and-behold, the shoot grew taller than me. I continued to wait and then I noticed there were four stems growing which also happens with suckers. I waited again and then the four stems grew four buds. A friend of mine, who is also spiritual and saw the rosebush with me and said, “No, he is going to have four more years.” I already felt that the President was going to win the election so the four years was implied, but I thought and said, “He is going to gain four more Democratic Senators--never dreaming, they would be mostly woman. (For me, Barbara Boxer deserves the credit because early in the election season, she sent an email Win With Women 2012 which inspired and motivated me and others across the nation to become involved.)

A few weeks later, three ivory-white buds had already begun to open but the fourth bud a very, very small bud had not yet opened. Over the next several days, three of the buds opened into beautiful ivory-white roses with a subtle fragrance, but the last little bud’s calyx–green petals that support the blossoms--had started to unfold which revealed a dark area that could signal disease and dropping off. I became concerned because I had placed significance on all four buds blossoming signifying either/or four new Democratic senators and four years.

A few days later, still clad in my pajamas during my morning plant and nature connection, I stood with my shiny jet-black-thin-computer-reading glasses close to my face in my right hand as I held the still closed ivory-white rose petaled bud in my left hand when a beautiful dragonfly landed four inches in front of my face on the left thin temple of my glasses. It loomed huge in front of my eyes and with laser precision beamed its magnificent penetrating 30,000 blue ball-like eyes with a gentle yet steady strong force straight into my eyes. With its two-pronged tiny feet wrapped around the left jet-black- temple of my glasses, it held on with its wings capturing the shifting light and sensed me for at least twenty seconds. As I stood frozen, captivated and beholden to its powerful energy and blue laser-fixed eyes and energy, I quickly glanced to take in its entire little body just poised hanging there and beamed back to it what do you want to tell me. Within seconds its male energy sent a profound message to rid my mind of any negative thoughts and concerns not only about the concern for the last bud delayed opening but on all negative and concern thoughts that I have as Lee and I age. It then flew briefly to the other temple of my glasses with eyes still locked with mine before it took off in flight.

Our gardener had been told not to trim that rose bush, but a few weeks later after the other three buds had beautifully bloomed yet lingered dried out on their stem, the last remaining closed bud with a brown spot still hung on unfolded. The gardener thought the bud diseased and wouldn’t open so he cut off the branch. Fortunately I noticed the pruned bush and called to him just before he left, “Where is that rosebush branch?” Fortunately, Sweet Freedom was the last he had pruned and fortunately for me had placed it on top of the second barrel of massive cuttings. I took the branch and put it in a vase on the kitchen counter close to the sink where it could receive sunlight. After almost a week, Sweet Freedom bloomed just in time for our Jewish new year, Rosh Hashana and graced Lee’s and my dinner in the dining room that evening.

The rest is history!! Barack Hussein Obama is still our 44th president as Lee and I learned sharing the evening with wonderful, new neighborhood friends. Most of the evening we had watched MSNBC, occasionally switching to CNN. Ironically, our host had switched to Fox News when I briefly left the room. When I returned, I saw on the TV screen Obama had won and because it was early in the evening, I loudly asked, “What does this mean?” I looked at Lee and he emphatically said, “We won”! I couldn’t believe a victory so early and immediately joyfully started jumping, hugging, kissing, shouting, clapping, dancing and high-fiving before I called a longtime friend in Ohio where Lee and I came from in 1963. I connected with my dear highschool friend with whom I have stayed in close touch for all these fifty plus year. Ohio had put Clinton over the top in ‘92 and ‘96 and Obama in ‘08 and so we conversed many times during the election cycle about the possibility of Ohio placing its special historical stamp of approval on this election again.....and the buckeye state did!!!! When I ecstatically called her moments after the news I discovered that neither she nor I had been glued in front of the TV when the news broke. Ironically, each expecting a long drawn out process, she had briefly gone to the kitchen and I to the restroom.

The next day, I called our dear 95-year-old friend, Blind Eileen in Nevis and she shared she was lying in her bed listening to her radio when she heard the news. She immediately threw the pillow in the air and began energetically clapping her hands while joyfully praising the Lord. She had shared a few days earlier quoting Proverbs, “When righteous are in power, the people rejoice; when the wicked are in power, the people mourn.” She then added in her joyful tone, “I like Obama; I hope they give him another chance.”

Days later, Lee and I are still savoring the Obama and democratic, female, diverse senatorial victory. I believe I will cherish these moments forever! And so I hope for all of us “Sweet Freedom” helped usher in a “Sweet Freedom Season” for all of us, our loved ones, spouses, partners, children, grands, families, friends and people of all ages in our nation and all the nations around our planet.

Sweet Freedom, 2009.

Three flowers, one closed bud.
September, 8, 2012.

Bud with calyx beginning to unfold
revealing dark brown spot.
September 11, 2012.

Sweet Freedom opening up in
vase on kitchen counter...and no
those photos aren’t staged, the
Obama gallery began 4 years

Sweet Freedom in bloom
gracing our Rosh Hoshana
dinner, September 17,