April, 2000
Nevisian Paradise
Garrick's Pasture
Nevis, West Indies

Greetings from Paradise
"Lots of Sharing"

Hi Everyone,

We have been down here four months; time flying by as rapidly as storm driven clouds. With Gayle's and Nick's and our hiking group's trip now happy memories, we reflected on past passover sedars and look forward to sharing Passover with our Nevisian friends. Since Lee and I will be the only Jewish people present for Passover, most of the cooking was in our hands. Sunshine brought a salad, Veronica brought vegetables and Shirley brought local sugar cakes which is a sundried coconut and sugar cookie. Lee and I began our cooking a few days earlier, matzo ball soup, charoset and bitter herbs. We would also have the blessings of the local, flavorful fresh fruits. We invited fourteen people including the Pastor and my Doctor who knew of passover. True to form, some people arrived later and others brought guests and so the settings expanded by three more people. Fortunately I had plenty of fish, lamb and side dishes. The table was overflowing with friends, Kenneth, Veronica, Lee, Dexter, Doc, Orville, John, Shirley and Naomi Douglas and their friends. It was a wonderful evening, sharing past histories of slavery in Biblical times and those in more recent times with pain that has not always completely healed. It was a time of rejoicing for blessings, food, peace, health, love and friendship. It was a remarkable passover that continued into the night was filled with love and respect. The evening will be a wonderful memory for Lee and me.

And so life continues with sharing holidays, going to church and being deeply moved by the complete and utter faith that the local people have in God and their Jesus knowing that they will survive and they will have enough. Thinking of you and hoping that your spring holidays whether passover, easter or the spring equinox are meaningful and leave you with a deep gratitude for your blessings.

Love and later,